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Ed Peterson for Congress, Iowa's Fourth District

Extreme partisanship is the biggest issue in government today. It affects all levels and is tearing our country apart. Partisan politics complicates all other issues our lawmakers face and results in the gridlock in Washington.

Too many of our representatives find their voice by by appealing to one extreme or the other. Too many of the others, who might otherwise be more moderate are pressured by the party that backed them, into voting along party lines. The parties have become more interested in opposing each other than actually representing their constituents. Too many votes come down exactly on party lines with no actual progress being made.

We as citizens actually have more in common, that unites us as a nation, than we have that divides us. We can talk with our neighbors, or church members, or anyone downtown or in stores and agree with nearly everything until we start to discuss one of the big issues that politicians tell us we must think one way or the other.

We can bring back the unity we were founded on--but not if we continue to support a broken two-party system. With a handful of representative, dedicated to using common sense and finding common ground, we can breakthrough the gridlock the parties have maintained. We can prevent either party from ramming legislation through or from blocking it simply because the other party proposed it. As that happens, our representatives will be forced to start finding common ground with us.

There has been much talk about needing a blue wave or a red wave. That culminates in elections like what we had in 2016, where each candidate elicits fear in one half of the constituency or the other. And it just give louder voices to the extremes of the parties. I've seen blue waves and red waves, although they weren't called that at the time. The outcome was the party in ascendancy forced through changes they wanted, which produced an ebb in the other direction, and eventually a counter wave that undid what they'd done and forced the other extreme. It's time to calm the waters of our political sea by rejecting those who would continue to roil the waters.

Any answer I give on every other issue is merely a starting point, a place where conversation begins. And I do believe it to be a conversation, one in which we listen to each other, find our common ground and move forward with the best solution for the greatest number of people.