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Ed Peterson for Congress, Iowa's Fourth District

Ed Peterson

I’m Ed Peterson, and I believe a big problem in our nation’s Congress is that leaders from the major parties tend to dig in their heels and align by party affiliation instead of moving forward to accomplish the business of the American people. This is why I am running for U.S. Representative for the fourth district of Iowa without party affiliation.

When I was traveling around the district to gain enough signatures to be nominated by petition, two questions I often heard were 1) who are you? and 2) where do I sign?

I’ll answer the first question:

I grew up in Sioux County, the middle of three children, and graduated from Maurice-Orange City High School. I was a member of the famed Pride of the Dutchmen band. I went on to Morningside College and later the University of South Dakota, amassing education in humanities, writing, the sciences, and history before dropping out to help support my wife and children.

My father worked in a food processsing plant, and my mother stayed home when we were very young children, then worked in various Sioux County companies. My roots in the area go back over 125 years as my father still owns the property in rural Marathon where three generations of my family farmed. That land became a century farm in 1989.

I currently serve the community as a handyman, running my business on a pay-what-you-will model. It’s working. Those who can pay more, do, and this allows me to help elderly people on a fixed income or people living on disability as well as others with needed home repairs who lack the funds. I serve on of the adult spiritual formation team at my place of worship, and lead adult Sunday School.

I married Amy in 1992 in Sioux City, where we raised a family for 14 years before moving to rural northwest Iowa, living in Clay County and now Emmet County for the last several years. Our children are Dylon, born in 1993, who works for a supermarket; Caitlyn, born in 1996, who lives and works in Texas, but visits Iowa often, and Bryan, born in 2003, a high school sophomore.

Healthcare, mental health, developmental disabilities, education, housing, debt, employment and business opportunities, and economic well-being are all challenges our family has faced, and are among the issues I want to grapple with on behalf of people in this district, should Fourth District voters send me to Washington.

Having no party affiliation means I’m not obligated to a party, and will feel no pressure from the party when I make a voting decision. My votes will come from a consensus of Fourth District constituents — that’s you. I bring a handyman's ethic of finding a workable solution to a problem to the office of U.S. Representative, because ignoring the problem (or waiting for the ideal solution) often only makes the problem worse. I’m ready to do something about the partisan gridlock on Capitol Hill, and I will carefully consider the needs of this district’s constituents for each issue that comes across my desk while there. I won’t be obliged to toe any party line, nor to any special interests, just you.

Thank you for reading this far, and for considering what you want in a representative, independent of party identification. Under the Issues tab you can learn more about my stance on a number of the major issues facing our nation and district. Feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to talk about any of them or if there are additional issues you’d like me to consider adding to the list.

Thanks again,